Reading Rules
Only read from one username (attempts to read from multiple accounts will terminate your Zoodiker membership)
No 3rd Party platforms for reading, it is imperative you read on Zoodiker.
By agreeing to read, you’ve entered into a confidentiality agreement (see terms of service). All material read on Zoodiker is proprietary and not to be shared or discussed.
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Zoodiker is both a research project and a market research resource for the film industry.
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At Zoodiker, we entrust our readers with highly sensitive material and ask you comply with our code of conduct to protect the filmmakers and Zoodiker’s data.
How do I read?
You read on our secure platform, using your unique login. The platform is accessible through any web browser and displays only one page at a time. To turn the page, you click one of the response buttons on the bottom right as you scroll to the bottom of the page. There's also a comment box.
Do you share my data?
We do not sell or share your personal information, except as aggregated, de-identified data about your demographics and script responses.
What is my role as a reader in this process?
Your honest responses to the readings are crucial to the validity of our studies. If you can’t bear to continue reading because you are bored or angered by the material, then stop, just as you would click away from a streamed show or walk out of a theater. But in order to be compensated for your reading, you need to read enough to have an informed opinion and also communicate why you have that reaction.
Does Zoodiker pay its readers?
We pay an honorarium (currently $20 for a feature film-length script) like other market research firms. It is not what professional script readers are paid, but we are not asking for professional analyses or synopses. Readers must fill out a demographic intake form, actually read the script (we can tell if you’re skimming) and complete a questionnaire in order to qualify for payment.
When and how does Zoodiker Pay its readers?
Payment will be sent via our 3rd party platform, Tremendous. You will receive notice of payment via the email address you submitted on your intake form, so check your Spam/Junk folder after a few days if you read and reviewed the script per the rules. Please allow 3-4 days after completing your reading and follow-up survey for payment to process.
How often will scripts be available?
We hope to provide consistent reading opportunities. For now, scripts are becoming available every few weeks. We hope to increase this pace.
Do I get paid for “Public Scripts” in my Zoodiker app?
No. We allow our readers to post their own writing to share with our reader community in “Public Scripts”, but only scripts assigned to you in your "Scripts for Payment" section are for payment.
What if I have an issue with the App?
If you have issues or questions about the app, email and we will respond as quickly as possible.
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