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See if your story connects...
before you shoot.

Human Intelligence, not AI – Real human responses at a quantifiable level.
Reveal problems and solutions before they start costing you big bucks.
No black box algorithms. No preconceived story models.
Created by a screenwriter with billions in box office.
Test screen your screenplay.
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Before you say Action…
Zoodiker doesn’t step on your creative toes or replace your development team. It helps you ask the right questions, so your next draft gets a green light with a shooting script that keeps your audience utterly engaged. Zoodiker is a tool that gives you a huge edge, creatively and financially.
Gary W. Goldstein
Producer: Pretty Woman, Under Siege, Mothman Prophecies
These are notes you can’t deny and wildly thought provoking. Working with Zoodiker made rewriting fun, exciting, and got my script in better shape than I ever imagined.
Jill Mazursky
Writer & Producer
Where the f*** were you 18 months ago?
Mark Gill
Former president: Miramax Films, Warner Independent Pictures, and Millennium Films.
A new tool for filmmakers and financiers
Your screenplay holds the key
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Risk Mitigation
Avoid box office disasters
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Decision Support
Greenlight or not?
Aid Development Team
Story insights for creatives
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Cut Costs
Avoid reshoots/fewer script drafts
Which movie would you make?
Mask group
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Zoodiker analyzed the screenplay responses of 250+ readers who had not seen either film.
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Our data scientists study reader responses so you can ask the right questions.
data points from real human readers
See which of your episodes are the strongest where viewers are likely to stop watching and when you can run an ad without losing them
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4
Which episode will lose the most streaming audience?
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Mark GillProducer “Unhinged” starring RussellCrowe Zoodiker would havesaved us$1.3 MILLION inreshoots alone.
Analysis that goes beyond opinion…
Our Data Scientists find patterns in the tens of thousands of data points we collect on every script and reader.

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