Get read.

We work hard on our scripts, but we need readers to improve our writing and advance our careers.

THE SOLUTION: Create a broad community of writers who are willing to read and respond to each other’s work.

Zoodǐker was created by a successful screenwriter who also teaches screenwriting at USC.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You post a screenplay, whether a work in progress or a “finished” work.
  2. We send you a screenplay by a fellow writer.
  3. You read it and give your opinions.
  4. A fellow writer reads your script and gives you feedback.

Who will be reading my script?

Your fellow writers who have an interest in your genre will be reading.

Is it safe to submit a script?

All reading takes place online—no one downloads your script. And we know who has read it and when. That’s why Zoodǐker is safer than blindly submitting your script to a contest or producer.