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So you’ve been writing, or hope to write. Maybe youre only a few pages in or maybe youre ready with a whole draft. Now you need someone to read.

Say hello to Zoodiker!

Zoodiker is an innovative platform that connects you with a community of peers who respond to each others’ work.

Designed so that the more you read, the more your work gets read.

Form writing groups or fly solo. Hand-pick your readers or open up to the whole community.

If you’re lucky enough to have a writer’s group already, use Zoodiker to continue without meeting in person.

Zoodiker makes it easy for you to gauge the interest and engagement in your script. Even the simple act of turning the page generates useful feedback!

How eager are your readers to turn the page?

Find out. Zoodiker tells you how they feel about turning every page. 



Get Analytical


How it works.

No software to download, no apps to install! Use any device, (computer, tablet, even your smartphone) and go to the zoodiker.com ‘URL’:



Any PDF. Whole drafts or scenes. Only takes about a minute.


Read (whether or not you upload)

The more you read, the more likely you’ll be read!



Zoodiker automatically records your readers’ responses, page by page. Readers can enter free-form notes, too.

“Zoodiker makes it incredibly easy to give and receive notes. It’s the perfect site for any screenwriters looking to collaborate or share their scripts with others!”

— Becca Mann, Zoodiker fan

Why it’s for you.

Zoodiker was created by a successful screenwriter and teacher of screenwriting at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. He knows the triumphs and struggles of writing. And he knows how lonely it can be.

We grow by reading, not just masterpieces, but also works in progress. When we think about how to improve someone else’s script, we’re multiplying our own opportunities to learn.

Veteran writers benefit, too. They use Zoodiker as a writing workshop on demand to test their work before submitting it.

See what our subscribers say.

Michael Lee Barlin

“The Black List” Winner

“I love using Zoodiker. It not only makes the task of reading scripts and providing feedback much easier (and actually kind of fun), but I LOVE the data I get from my readers. I feel like I’m missing valuable info now when someone reads a script of mine without Zoodiker.”

Lo Lam

Writer | Producer | Director

Giving notes used to feel like a chore. We flip though pages to find references, monitor our own reactions, scribble notes on the side… which all take away from what we are actually doing: reading. Zoodiker makes reviewing scripts easier and more efficient, and the feedback is more effective and reliable. Zoodiker is a MUST HAVE for writers and producers.”

Leilah Franklin

Writer | Producer

I dont know where to begin. I love Zoodiker. Page by page notes, data, unlimited readers… I won’t read a script these days unless someone is a Zoodiker user.”

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