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Zoodiker makes it easy for you to gauge the interest and engagement in your script. Even the simple act of turning the page generates useful feedback! Here’s how it works:  


Only one page is displayed at a time, adding to the security of your script, and there’s a precise record of who read what and when.

Readers can choose to add comments on every page, making it easy for you to review their thoughts or questions.

Readers have a choice of three buttons to be able to move to the next page — Proceed, Interested or Eager. Their choices are automatically logged and contribute to cumulative graphed data that you can access from your dashboard.

A reader could choose to abandon a script at any point. When this happens, you will know the exact page when the script was abandoned, adding a possibly valuable data point.

All the data that is captured is graphed and presented to you in your dashboard, along with comments/recommendations that have been received.

“I learned how to convince someone to turn the page which is really all it comes down to.”

— Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Are your readers eager to turn the page?

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